The Executive Management and Leadership Program

Expanding Your Communication, Emotional Intelligence and Strategic Planning Techniques

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17-21 Apr 20235 Days London - UKUS$4,450
26-30 Jun 20235 Days Dubai - UAEUS$3,450
04-08 Sep 20235 Days Dubai - UAEUS$3,450
11-15 Dec 20235 Days Dubai - UAEUS$3,450
15-19 Apr 20245 Days London - UKUS$4,450
24-28 Jun 20245 Days Dubai - UAEUS$3,450
02-06 Sep 20245 Days Dubai - UAEUS$3,450
09-13 Dec 20245 Days Dubai - UAEUS$3,450

Course Overview

A management position requires the holder to perform a number of roles simultaneously: strategist, team-builder, innovator, decision-maker, mentor and leader. Success at a management level involves integrating the requirements of these roles with confidence and assurance.

This 5-day interactive The Executive Management & Leadership Development Programme offers existing Supervisors, Team Leaders & professionals, and those being prepared for promotion to a senior level the opportunity to develop the awareness, understanding, knowledge and skills which will enable them to maximise their performance and success in today’s fast-changing and demanding business environment.

Course Objectives

After the training course, the participants will learn to:

  • Gain an honest and accurate awareness of Yourself
  • Monitor and adapt your own emotions and behaviours for your benefit and that of your Team & Department
  • Know how to have a positive influence on the emotions and motivation of others
  • Create an atmosphere that fosters emotional intelligence
  • Adaptability in dealing with different personalities
  • Understand and apply the psychology of leadership
  • Design of visionary strategic plans
  • Understand how to translate strategic plans into action plans
  • Analyse a model for organisational self-assessment
  • Provide insights into strategic planning problems to avoid
  • Understand the nature of the organisational life cycle

Target Audience

This Executive Management and Leadership Development Programme will keep you current on recent, cutting-edge leadership theory and practice developments and help you better collaborate and manage conflict. This training course will also help Supervisors, Team Leaders & Professionals in all industries involved with the strategic planning process for their unit or the whole organisation, including budgeting, contingency planning, strategy design, implementation, leadership and monitoring.

It is suitable for a wide range of working professionals, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Specialist Managers
  • Operational Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors and Management Professionals
  • Team Leaders & Professionals who want to create an emotionally healthy, productive workplace and organisational culture to enhance their effectiveness and their ability to form trusting relationships and manage their frustrations and those of others at work

Training Methodology

This training programme will combine tutor-led presentations with interactive practical exercises supported by video material and case studies. Participants will be encouraged to actively relate the principles of emotional intelligence and strategic planning to the particular needs of their workplace.

Course Outline

Day One

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence & its Components
  • Significance of EQ to Effective Leadership
  • Importance of Perception
  • Attitudes & Behavior of Leaders
  • Consequences of Low EQ on Personal Effectiveness
  • Removing Emotional Blindspots
Day Two

Psychology of Leadership

  • Theories of Leadership
  • Importance of Self-concept
  • Understanding Personality Styles
  • Optimising our Personality Strengths
  • Adaptability in Dealing with Different Personalities
  • Task vs Relationship-Oriented Leadership
Day Three

Apply Psychology in Leading an Emotionally Intelligent Way

  • Enhancing Self-awareness
  • Empathy: Increase Your Level of Social Awareness
  • Delegating Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Influencing and Inspiring People
  • Identifying Personality Disorders
  • Managing Difficult Behaviour & Poor Performance
Day Four

Strategic Planning Strategic Intent, Strategic Choice, and Balancing Scorecards

  • Strategy: Concept and Significance
  • Achieving Competitive Advantage through Flexibility and Agility
  • The Interaction of Strategy, Structure, and Business Processes
  • Gathering Information and Intelligence for The SWOT Analysis
  • Vision and Mission Statements: Preparing for the Future
  • Business Analysis and Contingency Planning
  • Strategic Choice
  • Converting The SWOT Analysis into the “Strategy Matrix”
  • Strategy Formulation: Programmes, Projects, Policies
  • Transforming the Organisation – Strategy Implementation and Managing Change
Day Five

Strategic Planning Best Practice Whilst Avoiding the Pitfalls

  • Leadership and Management in relation to Strategy
  • Customer and Market Focus
  • Human Resources and Knowledge Management
  • Effective Process Management to Achieve Business Results
  • Monitoring and Measuring Business Performance
  • The Strategy Life-cycle and the Problem of Strategic Drift
  • Getting Innovative Thinking into the Organisation
  • The Potentially Negative Dimensions of Success
  • The Critical Importance of Good Planning Team Dynamics


Upon successful completion of this training course, Newage Certificate will be awarded to the delegates.

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