Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

Setting Business Goals, Targets & Deliverables

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18-22 Dec 2023 5 Days Dubai - UAE US$3,450 Register
04-08 Mar 2024 5 Days Dubai - UAE US$4,450 Register
17-21 Jun 2024 5 Days London - UK US$5,450 Register
12-16 Aug 2024 5 Days Dubai - UAE US$4,450 Register
02-06 Sep 2024 5 Days Salalah - Oman US$4,450 Register
07-11 Oct 2024 5 Days Houston - USA US$6,450 Register
16-20 Dec 2024 5 Days Dubai - UAE US$4,450 Register

Course Overview

In order to be successful managers must have the ability to plan strategically. Developing this competency is a key component of managerial skills enhancement given that effective strategic planning is essential to the future success of any organisation. However, most strategic planning is lacking in vision. It is merely a straight-line extrapolation of the past into the future. In a world where the pace of change is greater than ever before this is at best short-sighted and at worst a prescription for disaster.

Real strategic planning is about positioning the organisation for a future which will be different from the past. This Strategic Planning & Goal Setting training course will focus on strategic planning as the essential management system guiding the manager and organsation into the future by setting focused goals that will establish and enhance competitiveness. Likewise, it will focus on the necessity of developing both personal mental agility and organisational agility. Close examination will be made of the driving forces creating both strategic successes and failures.

Course Objectives

As a result of this training course, the participants will achieve the following objectives:

  • Examine how to design visionary strategic plans
  • Consider utilization of a model for organizational assessment
  • Formulate insights into strategic planning problems to avoid
  • Identify and learn from examples of strategic success and failure
  • Develop understanding of the nature of the organizational life cycle
  • Study the preparation of effective contingency plans

Target Audience

This training course is designed for professionals involved with the planning process. It will be of benefit for all managers who seek to enhance their planning skills.

It will be valuable to the professionals, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Board Members
  • Specialist Managers
  • Operational Managers
  • Team Leaders

Training Methodology

This training course is driven by a blended learning approach based on adult learning techniques such as lectures, video presentations, trainer-facilitated workshop exercises, case studies, self-reflection, and debates. The different methods will lead to higher engagement because the delegates will be doing things and thinking about what they are doing. Furthermore, it will build self-confidence, and they will be pulled out of their comfort zones to share their thoughts, opinions, and conclusions about specific topics. Lastly, this blended learning approach will allow instant feedback and improvement and stretch creativity and innovation.

Course Outline

Day One

Strategy, Strategic Planning and Competitive Positioning

  • Structure and Content
  • Strategy: Concept and Significance
  • “Competitive Positioning” vs “Blue Sky” Approaches
  • Achieving Competitive Advantage through Flexibility and Agility
  • The Interaction of Strategy, Structure, and Business Processes
  • Gathering Information and Intelligence for the SWOT Analysis
Day Two

Strategic Intent, Strategic Choice, and Balancing Scorecards

  • Vision and Mission Statements: Preparing for the Future
  • Business Analysis and Contingency Planning
  • Strategic Choice
  • Converting the SWOT Analysis into the “Strategy Matrix”
  • Strategy Formulation: Programmes, Projects, Policies
  • Transforming the Organisation: Strategy Implementation and Managing Change
Day Three

Assessing the Current State of the Organisation

  • Leadership and Management in relation to Strategy
  • Customer and Market Focus
  • Human Resources and Knowledge Management
  • Building a Strategic Planning Team
  • Effective Process Management to Achieve Business Results
  • Monitoring and Measuring Business Performance
Day Four

Strategic Planning Best Practices while Avoiding the Pitfalls

  • The Strategy Lifecycle and the Problem of Strategic Drift
  • Getting Innovative thinking into the Organisation
  • The Potentially Negative Dimensions of Success
  • How to Avoid ‘Paralysis by Analysis’?
  • Overcoming inability to evaluate fresh ideas, denying the truth, and thinking inside the box
  • The Critical Importance of Good Planning Team Dynamics
Day Five

Personal Strategic Planning

  • Applying Strategic Tools and Techniques to the Individual
  • Personal Goal Setting: Creating a Personal Strategic Plan
  • Implementing Change: Achieving Progress as a Strategic Manager
  • The Mix of Competencies and Personal Skills required in 21st Century Business
  • Executing Strategy: How to break it down and get it done?
  • Developing Inspiration and Gathering Support
  • Overcoming Adversity by Leveraging your Skills and Building on Success


Upon successful completion of this training course, Newage Certificate will be awarded to the delegates.

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