Shipping Decarbonization Strategies and Alternative Fuels

Navigating the Future

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02-06 Sep 2024 5 Days Dubai - UAE US$4,450 Register
16-20 Dec 2024 5 Days Dubai - UAE US$4,450 Register

Course Objectives

  • Recall and summarize the key challenges associated with carbon emissions in maritime shipping and the existing fuel/bunkering practices.
  • Explain the regulatory requirements and policy issues shaping the landscape of shipping decarbonization.
  • Apply strategies for shipping decarbonization by proposing or evaluating operational options, such as just-in-time shipping, optimal routing, and vessel load management.
  • Analyze the key stakeholders, roles, and drivers influencing the shipping decarbonization process, considering their impact on industry strategies
  • Assess and predict the fuel share, pricing scenarios, and bunkering availability for maritime shipping by the year 2030.
  • Create or contribute to the definition of effective strategies for decarbonization in the shipping industry, considering their scope of work or activities.

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Upon successful completion of this training course, Newage Certificate will be awarded to the delegates.

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