Why choose KHDA-approved training courses?

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By choosing a KHDA-approved training course, you can be confident that you are receiving high-quality education and training that will help you advance in your career or pursue your professional goals.


What is KHDA?

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is a government agency in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that is responsible for regulating and overseeing education and training in the Emirate. The KHDA was established in 2006 with the mandate to improve the quality of education and training in Dubai and to promote Dubai as a hub for education and learning. 

The KHDA works with a variety of partners, including schools, universities, training providers, and employers, to develop and implement policies and programs that support the development of a high-quality education and training system in Dubai. The KHDA also maintains a list of approved training providers and courses to ensure that the education and training being offered in Dubai meet certain standards of quality.


But what standards does KHDA employ to evaluate institutes?

There are many other factors, ranging from trainee attitudes to the level of results monitoring, from academic achievement in core courses to the quality of leadership at the academy. In addition, it actively encourages the teaching of Islam and Arabic through its requirements. The KHDA reports are very great, they’re the only substantial official source for evaluating academies, and they set the standard that other emirates ought to follow. 


How Does KHDA approved certificates make a change

KHDA attestation is vital to apply for the equivalency certificate in the UAE. The KHDA UAE is the first authority to verify and attest to the UAE-issued or foreign nationals’ educational documents to get an equivalency certificate for higher education in the UAE.

It is essentially Dubai’s regulatory body for education, in charge of the development, direction, and standard of private education and learning in Dubai, and holding a certificate that has been approved by the KHDA ensures that your skills will receive the necessary recognition and progress filled with numerous opportunities in the country.


What documents are necessary for KHDA registration?

The documents trainees must provide in order to register with KHDA are listed below.

  • Your authentic Emirates ID
  • An active passport
  • Your original visa


Newage Learning is a KHDA-approved institution

We have continually strived to produce high-quality, effective courses since our company’s founding. We are recognised for our teaching technique, which uses a practical approach to bring out the best in each of our learners. This enables professionals to be exposed to real-life situations, resulting in a more enduring learning curve while they pursue their professional credentials. The institute provides a wide range of courses that helps you to develop your career. We grade our trainees on their ability to apply information on practical assignments throughout the training course rather than on their memorization of ideas and notions. Our former and present learners have praised and embraced this, stating that it helped them to concentrate more on practical applications. We also guarantee that our trainees receive all the assistance they require during the duration of their particular course. 

No matter what course or training you seek, it is essential to make sure that you invest in the proper education. More critical, though, is where you enrol to receive the knowledge you seek. Select a KHDA-approved institution that has developed new educational programs with an emphasis on offering its trainees sustainable teaching techniques. Newage learning is the best option for you.

Check our list of KHDA-approved training courses.



The procedure of obtaining KHDA certification might be challenging. And the precise measures to take may vary greatly depending on the type of institute or training you choose. This is where picking us will relieve you of the responsibility of managing this demanding process. You will therefore have access to many opportunities and learning once you register with us. By completing a KHDA-approved course, you can gain the skills and knowledge that are necessary to succeed in your chosen field, which can lead to improved career performance and professional advancement.


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