Maintenance & Reliability Best Practices

Empowering M&R Excellence through Proven Strategies and Techniques

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Date Duration Venue Fees
11-15 Mar 2024 5 Days Dubai - UAE US$4,450 Register
22-26 Jul 2024 5 Days Dubai - UAE US$4,450 Register
07-11 Oct 2024 5 Days Dubai - UAE US$4,450 Register
23-27 Dec 2024 5 Days Dubai - UAE US$4,450 Register

Course Overview

This 5-day comprehensive Maintenance & Reliability Best Practices training course provides a deep dive into key principles, strategies, and best practices in the field of maintenance & reliability. This program takes a methodical approach to introduce learners to the foundational principles, advanced strategy and industry-recognised best practices instrumental in the M&R sector. With an emphasis on practical learning and applicability, it covers a spectrum of crucial subjects, such as diverse maintenance strategies, effective maintenance work management, robust reliability management, and insightful M&R performance management.

By the end of this intensive program, the participants will be equipped with the competencies to apply learned strategies and techniques directly to real-world scenarios. It will ensure smooth skills transfer to their respective workplaces and enhance their problem-solving and decision-making capabilities. In addition, they will also grasp the role of change management in maintenance and reliability, including managing resistance to change, implementing improvements, and promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

It is a value-driven offering that extends beyond theoretical understanding and empowers the participants to initiate continuous improvement within their organisations, leading to enhanced asset longevity, improved productivity, and reduced operational costs. Essentially, it is a stepping stone for professionals aiming to excel in their roles and contribute significantly to their organisation’s success.

Course Objectives

This training course will empower the participant with comprehensive knowledge and practical industrial maintenance and reliability skills, driving operational excellence and continuous improvement.

After the training course, the participants will learn to:

  • Understand fundamental principles of maintenance & reliability
  • Analyse various maintenance strategies and their applications
  • Apply work management principles to optimise maintenance activities
  • Evaluate the use and impact of CMMS in M&R performance
  • Create a continuous improvement plan in their organisation

Target Audience

This training course includes professionals managing, executing, or supervising maintenance & reliability operations within their organisations. It will significantly benefit individuals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills, drive efficiency, and initiate continuous improvement in industrial maintenance & reliability.

It is suitable for a wide range of working professionals, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Maintenance Managers & Supervisors
  • Reliability Engineers & Specialists
  • Maintenance Planners
  • Maintenance Schedulers
  • Maintenance Specialists
  • Asset Managers
  • Operations Managers & Supervisors

Training Methodology

This training course uses engaging teaching methods to ensure effective learning. The programme includes dynamic lectures for presenting theoretical concepts and real-world case studies to illustrate application. Interactive group activities and hands-on workshops facilitate practical skills development. Personal reflection tasks are embedded to deepen understanding, and open forum discussions provide a space for questions and sharing experiences. The teaching approach prioritises active participation, encouraging participants to bring industry challenges.

Course Outline

Day One

Introduction to Maintenance & Reliability

  • Understanding the Concepts of Maintenance & Reliability
  • Significance of Maintenance & Reliability in Industrial Operations
  • Business Case for Maintenance & Reliability
  • Relationship between Asset Management, Maintenance, and Reliability
  • Overview of Asset Management Frameworks: ISO 55000 and GFMAM
Day Two

Maintenance Work Management

  • Principles of Maintenance Work Management: Planning, Scheduling, and Execution
  • Techniques for Effective Work Planning, Job Scoping, and Resource Allocation
  • Strategies for Optimising Maintenance Scheduling
  • Importance of Parts and Materials Management in Maintenance
  • Overview of Inventory Control, Procurement, Vendor Management, and Spare Parts Management
Day Three

Reliability Management

  • Principles of Reliability Management: Asset Hierarchy, Asset Criticality Analysis, and Reliability Engineering
  • Application of Failure Analysis Techniques for Reliability: FMEA, RCM, and RCA
  • Introduction to Various Condition Monitoring Techniques
  • Evaluation and Selection of Appropriate Condition Monitoring Techniques
  • Effective Reliability Management in Industrial Settings
Day Four

Maintenance & Reliability Performance Management

  • Importance of Measuring Performance in Maintenance & Reliability
  • Techniques for Establishing and Analysing Performance Targets
  • Introduction to Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS): Benefits and Challenges
  • Role of Change Management in Maintenance & Reliability
  • Strategies for overcoming resistance to change and building a culture of continuous improvement
Day Five

Continuous Improvement Methods & Close Out

  • Continuous Improvement Methodologies
  • Application of Lean Principles to Improve the Effectiveness and Efficiencies in Maintenance
  • Application of Root Cause Analysis in a Maintenance Context
  • The Utilisation of Various Maintenance Improvement Tools
  • Key Concepts and Techniques


Upon successful completion of this training course, Newage Certificate will be awarded to the delegates.

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