Masterclass in Corporate Communications

Developing and Delivering the Voice of the Enterprise

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Date Duration Venue Fees
07-11 Oct 2024 5 Days Dubai - UAE US$4,450 Register
02-06 Dec 2024 5 Days Casablanca - Morocco US$5,450 Register

Course Overview

Corporate communication involves managing and orchestrating all internal and external communications aimed at creating a favourable reputation, image, and brand identity of the organization. Mastery in corporate communications involves being effective at creating and delivering the messages that need to be issued by the corporate organization, body, or institute to its audiences, such as employees, media, channel partners and the general public. Transmitting communication to all stakeholders with cogency and credibility, using the appropriate media, is also a part of masterful corporate communication.

In a crowded and competitive marketplace, companies need to have a clear identity, maintain customer loyalty, investor commitment, and employee confidence, all of which corporate communications facilitates. Corporate communication is the pathway for organizations to share their mission and combine their many visions and values into a cohesive message to stakeholders.

This course offers a review of the fundamentals of corporate communication, preparation for communicating a significant change initiative within your organization, tools for working through a media crisis, or developing key messages to deliver to company stakeholders, and development for building mastery in the increasingly important function of corporate communications.

Course Objectives

As a result of this training course, you will learn to:

  • Understand the fundamentals and components of corporate communication.
  • Identify the essential skills of corporate communications leaders
  • Design an effective corporate communications program
  • Apply different techniques and tools to execute effective corporate communications program
  • Employ corporate communication in new organizational developments including crisis management
  • Use powerful communication skills, storytelling techniques, and other tools to empower and enhance messaging for the corporate mission and vision.

Target Audience

This program is for people to develop themselves and their ability to be effective leaders. It is a must-attend for:

  • Executives, senior managers and middle managers interested in improving the way their organisation communicates, both internally and externally.
  • Communications professionals and practitioners currently working in a Corporate Communications department who want to improve their contribution to the success of the business
  • Individuals setting up new Communications functions
  • Professionals in different disciplines, which include human relations, public relations, customer support and marketing, who understand the function of Corporate

Training Methodology

This dynamic and compelling program is offered in a workshop setting, allowing for participants to be introspective and reflective and enriched and nourished. It includes reading content on best practices and board governance theory, engaging discussion to deepen knowledge, small group breakout sessions to intensify learning, training videos to enhance the lectures, and participant role play and conversation mocking to actualize learning.

Course Outline

Day One

Foundations of Corporate Communication

  • Defining corporate communication
  • Understanding the corporation: identity, vision, mission and objectives
  • Importance of corporate identity and reputation
  • Differentiating internal and external communication
  • Stakeholder identification and analysis
  • Audience segmentation and personalisation
  • Communication channel identification and analysis
Day Two

Corporate Communication: Roles and Responsibilities

  • Types of corporate communication roles in the organization
  • Essential skills for success in the communication roles
  • Communication responsibilities outside of the corporate communication team
    • Relationship between c-suite executives and the communications team
    • Role of employees as brand ambassadors
  • Corporate communication partners outside the organization
    • Thought Leaders, Brand Champions, and Influencers
Day Three

Developing Corporate Communications and Strategy

  • Strategies for developing corporate communication
  • Corporate communication program planning and execution
  • Communications collateral: corporate brand and style
  • Message crafting, storytelling, and persuasion
  • Types of corporate communication products/methods
  • Content planning and calendaring
  • Social media awareness, program development and execution
Day Four

Corporate Communication: Areas of Focus

  • Understanding media relations and identifying journalism and news outlets
  • Evaluating and measuring impact of communication
  • Employee communication and organizational identification
  • Integrating corporate communication and corporate strategy
  • Managing internal issues and crisis management
Day Five

Emerging Issues in Corporate Communication

  • Defining corporate social responsibility and the relevant communications role
  • Developing and communicating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives
  • Communication in the context of the economic and political environment of the organization
  • Leadership and change communication
  • Evolutions in the digital realm: social media, marketing, and web3


Upon successful completion of this training course, Newage Certificate will be awarded to the delegates.

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