Executive Presence and Influence

Achieving Leadership Momentum Through Trust and Behavioral Clarity

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Date Duration Venue Fees
19-23 Aug 2024 5 Days Dubai - UAE US$4,450 Register
25-29 Nov 2024 5 Days Dubai - UAE US$4,450 Register

Course Overview

As a leader in your organization, everyone, from the executive team to the front line, is expecting results. Every internal and external stakeholder expects a certain level of confidence, clarity, authenticity, and clear communication. Becoming more intentional in your communication as a leader and honing your own unique brand of executive presence will help you get there. Inspiring this kind of confidence requires you not only articulate and communicate your ideas with clarity and composure; you must build high levels of trust – trust in your competencies as a leader and decision-maker, in your technical capabilities, and in your absolute commitment to follow through on what you say you will do.

This Newage Learning’s Executive Presence and Influence training course demystifies these qualities – redefining them as skills that can be learned and mastered. Integrating the latest research and thinking around communication, body language, trust and the science of influence, the training course also offers a highly practical approach including constructive role play exercises that will accelerate your self-awareness and deep understanding through video feedback analysis.

Course Objectives

At the end of this Executive Presence and Influence training course, you will learn to:

  • Inspire your stakeholders to act on your vision
  • Create collective action through executive presence
  • Apply cultural intelligence to win hearts and minds
  • Harness your hidden charisma
  • Build the foundations of lasting trust

Target Audience

Executives in client-facing roles and organizations who want to build strong long-term relationships with external stakeholders.

This Executive Presence and Influence training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Executive Directors
  • Heads of Departments
  • Project Managers
  • Executive HR professionals

Training Methodology

This highly interactive training course uses a variety of approaches to learning and development, including role playing, video feedback analyses, voice coaching, experiential group activities, individual presentations, and syndicate discussions.  This encourages you to hear, see and feel for yourself the power of executive presence. Short informal inputs are used to introduce the underpinning theory of advanced executive presence and high-performance leadership.

Course Outline

Day One

Developing your Storyline

  • Building a strong understanding of your ideas
  • Discovering the 5 practical principles to help make your ideas stick
  • Inspiring others to adopt and act on your ideas
  • Utilizing appreciative inquiry to grow unleash your potential
  • Exploring how to get people to pay attention to your vision
  • Creating collective action from your storyline
Day Two

Identifying your Executive Presence Potential

  • Understanding the importance of how as well as what
  • Appreciating the role of body language in communicating warmth and competence to your team, bosses, and clients
  • Understanding the power of body language
  • Learning to speak softly and carry a big stick
  • Unleashing the power of powerless body language
  • Walking on stage with gravitas
Day Three

Building Trust with your People

  • Understanding the biology and psychology of trust
  • Building the foundations for lasting trust
  • Who does not trust enough, will not be trusted
  • Learning how to judge trustworthiness: Ability, integrity, benevolence
  • Exploring cognitive & affective trust
  • Techniques to repair trust
Day Four

The Art of Influence

  • Developing influence without legitimate power
  • Achieving high impact influence with difficult people avoiding the 4 common persuasion mistakes
  • Applying cultural intelligence to win hearts and minds
  • Psychodynamic influencing techniques
  • Igniting team based influencing techniques
Day Five

Developing Charisma

  • Understanding why attraction towards charismatic people takes place in a cultural context
  • Learning the secrets of charisma from the world’s top executives
  • Applying the psychology of attraction to achieve charismatic excellence
  • Enhancing your self-awareness using the five charisma leadership factors
  • Harnessing your hidden charisma
  • Maximizing type I leadership: Introverted charisma


Upon successful completion of this training course, Newage Certificate will be awarded to the delegates.

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