Competency-Based Interviewing (CBI)

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23-27 Sep 2024 5 Days Dubai - UAE US$4,450 Register
18-22 Nov 2024 5 Days London - UK US$5,450 Register
23-27 Dec 2024 5 Days New York - USA US$6,450 Register

Course Overview

Employees related to HR and executives on leadership levels may find themselves trying to perfect the art of Interviewing only to discover something about the candidate after employment which they regret. They wish they could have done something to filter and discover the right and desired skills or challenges in each candidate. Competency-based Interviews (CBI) could help with that. CBI is a method of interviewing that focuses on a candidate’s ability to demonstrate specific skills, knowledge, and behaviours relevant to the job for which they are applying.

The Competency-Based Interviews (CBI) training course is intended to provide employers with a better understanding of how the candidate will perform in the role if hired. The interviewer will ask questions designed to assess how the candidate performed in previous situations or tasks and how they would handle similar scenarios in the future. The interviewer will also evaluate how well the candidate’s responses match the job requirements.

CBIs provide employers with a better understanding of a candidate’s capabilities than relying solely on the candidate’s resume or qualifications. By assessing the candidate’s skills, knowledge and behaviours, employers can gain a better understanding of how the candidate will be able to meet the job requirements. CBIs also allow employers to gain insight into how the candidate works under pressure and how they think on their feet.

Course Objectives

Participants can explore and understand core concepts in interviewing candidates in best practices. They will be able to apply those sets of skills in their subsequent interviews.

After the training course, the participants will learn to:

  • Understanding core concepts of HR
  • Gaining solid background in Competency-based interviews (CBI)
  • Learning how to conduct CBI professionally
  • Explaining the structure of the CBI
  • Discovering CBI best practices and successes
  • Discussing challenges of CBI
  • Exploring documentation related to CBI
  • Planning and preparing for a successful Interview
  • Applying successful interviewer communication skills
  • Understanding shortlisting and choosing candidates
  • Analysing models and methods related to successful competency-based interviews to generate success
  • Identify the competencies of the candidate and assess congruence
  • Working with Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude (KSA)

Target Audience

This training course is also directed at decision-makers and management teams conducting interviews to recruit candidates.

It is suitable for a wide range of working professionals, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Upper Management
  • HR Managers
  • HR Officers
  • Department Heads
  • Recruiters

Training Methodology

This training course is driven by a blended learning approach and draws on various adult learning techniques such as action learning, experiential exercises, group discussions, video case studies, role play and self-reflection activities. The resulting variety helps delegates stay engaged throughout the course, feel challenged and draw quick wins for their development. It also ensures delegates are exposed to ample opportunities to apply what they learn to the real-world challenges they face back in the workplace.

Course Outline

Day One

Understanding Basic HR Concepts

  • Understanding Talent
  • Exploring Job Descriptions
  • The Recruitment Process:
    • Competency framework
    • Job description
    • Advertising
    • Shortlisting
    • Interviewing
    • Inducting
  • Understanding Job Descriptions
  • What are competencies?
  • Understanding the System of Competency Framework
  • How do competencies benefit an organisation and its employees?
  • How are interviews based on competencies?
Day Two

Planning the Competency-Based Interview

  • The Recruitment Process
  • Exploring the Competency Framework
  • Creating Position Descriptions and Job Descriptions
  • Exploring CVs, LinkedIn, and Shortlisting
  • Matching CVs with the Position Descriptions
  • Planning the Questioning Sequence
  • Identifying the necessary Assessments
  • Divide Questions into Generic and Competency-Based Categories
  • The Interviewers Panel
  • Conducting the Interview
  • Your Department
Day Three

The Process of Competency-Based Interviews

  • A Competency-Based Interview’s Format and Techniques
  • Using the WASP Interview Structure:
    • Welcoming the Candidate
    • Acquiring Information
    • Supplying Information
    • Cordial Parting
  • Getting a Candidate ready for a Competency-Based Interview
  • Time and Structure required to Investigate each Competency
  • Using the STAR Method of Interviewing
    • Situation
    • Task
    • Action
    • Reaction
  • Assessing the Candidate’s Potential by Addressing the Future
  • Creating Aptitude Rounds to Determine Competence
  • Creating and Analysing Competencies based on a Competency Framework
Day Four

Interviewing Skills – Communication and Questioning Techniques

  • Successful Interviewing Techniques
  • Positive Communication Skills
    • Active Listening
    • Supportive Feedback
    • Professional body language and Tone of voice
  • Types of Questions:
    • Open questions
    • Closed
    • Probing
    • Reflective
    • Leading
  • Assertiveness and Projecting Confidence
  • Building Rapport
  • Establishing Trust
Day Five

Finalising Candidates

  • Drafting Offers
  • Contacting the Candidate to Communicate the Steps Forward
  • Keeping the Candidate Posted-Feedback
  • Collaborating with Department Heads to Evaluate the Interview
  • Taking Feedback from Candidates
  • Analysing the Success and Candidate Fit Post-hiring
  • Learn what best organisations are doing differently


Upon successful completion of this training course, Newage Certificate will be awarded to the delegates.

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